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Malossol cornichons 440g

Malossol cornichons 440g

Maison Marc


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The Jannequin family has been producing cornichons for five generations in Burgundy.

Grown in sandy soil and handpicked, these Malossol cornichons are a variety of large gherkins which are sweeter, less acidic and not as crunchy as the baby cornichons. “Malossol”, in Russian and Slavic cuisine, is a method of pickling that uses very little salt. These cornichons are pickled with more herbs and a little sugar.

They will gently highlight the taste of any dish. The brine in which the cornichons mature is a perfect balance of vinegar, herbs and spices. Perfect for making beef tartare or with carpaccio. 

Cornichon gherkin, vinegar, water, salt, sugar, mustard seeds, dill, garlic, laurel leaf.
No colouring. No preservatives. No insecticides.




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