Chocolate bar Blond Dulcey 35%


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Creamy and toasty: Dulcey boasts a blond color, a creamy, unctuous texture and an intensely delicious cookie flavour with only a hint of sweetness which gives way to generous shortbread notes with a pinch of salt.
From mishap to marvel: One day at a pastry class, Frédéric Bau absentmindedly left some white chocolate in the double-boiler for too long. When he remembered it, he noticed it had turned a Blond® color and the faint smell of toasted shortbread and caramelized milk wafted out of the pan. Before perfecting the DULCEY we know today, it would take eight years of research and development to engineer a distinctive recipe that has paved the way for novel creations and flavours.
Valrhona used all its expertise to create a couverture with a color, taste and texture that conjures new sensations and truly standout products.
Cocoa 32% (min), Milk 31%, Sugar 53%, Fat 73%