Exploration, 25 chocolates gift box - Maison Caffet - France


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Maison Caffet’s chocolates are made with the utmost respect for tradition to bring you the very best. The pleasure of tasting what are “undoubtedly the best pralines in the world”.
Discover this beautiful assortment of 25 chocolate candies nestled in the heart of this box intended for the most gourmets.
Cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa mass, hazelnut, almond, skimmed milk powder, cream, glucose syrup (sulphites), vanilla pod, butter, pistachio, lemon, pine nut, passion fruit, emulsifier (soya lecithin), peanut, coconut, blackcurrant, honey, walnut, wheat flour (gluten), stabilizer (sorbitol), champagne marc, kirsch, lime, mango, raisin, yuzu, raspberry, alcohol, vanilla , Williams pear brandy, hazelnut oil, concentrated pear juice, barley malt (gluten), salt, invertase, natural flavours, pear flavour, acidifier (citric acid), pink berry, raspberry infusion, pepper, pecan nut, bergamot tea aroma, chilli pepper, cherry blossom aroma, concentrated blackcurrant juice, coffee, raspberry brandy, raspberry aroma, Timut pepper, orange, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, coloring (orange yellow S, blue brilliant, tartrazine, cochineal red, curcumin, cochineal carmine, paprika extract, chlorophyll). 
May contain traces of nuts, sesame and egg.